Spread Your Wings and Fly

A few more hours and I’m off to Milano. I still can’t believe this is all happening and quite honestly, it hasn’t hit me yet. The last few days was spent packing, spending some time with my parents and figuring out what I need. It’s so tough to put together the most essential items in 1 luggage but, I did it! I have an early flight so, until next time. A different day in a different time zone. Arrivederci!

Find your spot on the planehttp://www.seatguru.com/ 
(Preventing products from leaking) http://blog.reneerouleau.com/how-to-prevent-your-products-from-leaking-on-an-airplane/
(Figure out your sleep time) http://sleepyti.me/
Do’s & don’ts of checking-in your luggage:
(Milan Airport Info.) http://www.italylogue.com/airfare-to-milan
(Milan Information) https://milanandsiena2015.wordpress.com/author/francescoerspamer/
(Map of Milan) http://www.milano24ore.net/download/Metronetz_2012.pdf
(Metro Pass) http://www.milano24ore.net/Milanocard.php
(Airport Transfers)


Best flight deal comparison sites: 

Best Apps & Websites for Travelers

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