In Milan, the best transportation is…

What’s the best transportation to take once I arrive in Milan?

Here’s the deal. My apartment agency wants me to pick up the keys and sign all of the necessary papers in their office. If, you look at the map on this post, the agency’s office is in the opposite side of the town from my apartment and the airport. Right.

Base off from Rome to Rio APP, the distance and costs

from MXP airport to the agency office is

Private transfer (43 min.) : $110
Bus (1hrs 20min.) – city ctr. : $9
Train (1hr 13min.) – city ctr. : $15

and the agency office to my apartment.

Private transfer (8 min.): $50
Uber (8 min.) – city ctr: $23
Taxi (8 min.) – city ctr: $9
Metro (39-50min.) : $2-4

Here are my challenges.
1. I’m carrying 2 huge luggages + 1 carry-on.
2. Jet-lagged.
3. Navigating the metro (It is my first time in Milan, ever).
4. Avoiding pick pocketers.

1. There are only 2 terminals at the Malpensa airport. Most International flights (from what I’ve read) are in Terminal 1.
2. I’m arriving day-time.
3. There are options. I can take a private transfer + Uber + take the bus + or the metro.

Things to consider:
1.) Budget: Do I want to walk around with 2 suitcases & a carry-on through a metro, up the stairs, deal with finding my way around the city jet-lagged (also make sure to get to my appointment on time) OR pay more for a private transfer? Private transfer.

2.) Could I ship my luggage or take them with me? Shipping costs around $200 from CA. No, thanks! Take them with me.

Pricing for transportations:
1. City Cab one way from the airport– 103.40 euros (meet and greet); 40 euros w/thin the city = $114.60 approx.
2. Blacklane one way rom the airport– 115.92 euros (meet and greet) = $115.92 approx.
3. Groundlink one way rom the airport-  165.12 euros (meet and greet) = $183 approx.
4. Taxi one way rom the airport – 80-100 euros = $121.32 approx.

6. (train) Malpensa Express -around 12 euros, 50 minutes to the city center.
7. (train) Trenord – around 6 euros for (1st class), 3.60 euros (2nd class), under 1 hour to the city center.
8. (bus) Malpensa Shuttle – around 10 euros, 50 minutes to the city center (excluding traffic).


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