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Top 5 Types of Buyers Encountered

How many of you at one point or another have sold your personal items? I bet you’ve dealt with all sorts of different personalities because I know I did. I’m going to be honest,this was the first time I’ve ever sold anything and I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

Throughout this whole process, the one thing that stood out for me were the different types of people I dealt with. Every person I met, it felt like I was watching a movie trying to figure out each one of their characters. Here are the top 5 buyers who stood out.

1.) The Busy Mom

+ She doesn’t bother getting out of her car & waits for you to hand over the items she wants to buy.
+ You will find her juggling between talking to her kids, talking on the phone & talking to you.
+ You’re not really sure how to deal with this situation except take the money and say thanks.
+ She will have a story to tell about being late.
+ Despite being “busy” she is well-maintained.

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2.) The Budget Dude
+ He will try to get the lowest possible discount he can get.
+ He sends his friend to grab the item he wants to buy.
+ He gives his friend a mix of dollar bills & coins to pay you.
+ He appears casual and cool.

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3.) Mr. Sweet 

+ He is responsible and follows through his promise.
+ He rounds the price to a whole dollar value & pays more than the stated price.
+ He is the ideal buyer you want to deal with.
+ He is easy-going & knows what he wants.
+ He doesn’t waste time.

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4.) The Professional

+ She is an app user and found you on a buy & sell app.
+ She is likely to live close by.
+ She is sweet & dependable.


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4.) The Student
+ She is usually apprehensive at first and tries to get a better price.
+ Arrives and checks the item physically before making a final choice.
+ She is nice & friendly.


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What type of buyers have YOU dealt with?

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