The Best Expat and Study Abroad Blogs

You’re gonna want to bookmark this!


1. The Abroad Guide: Your ultimate coverage on everything relating to moving and living abroad. The website is also very easy to navigate. Roll-over through their web pages from preparation before, during and after transitioning abroad.


2. Curious Cat Expat is on point about addressing the  knitty-gritty paper works for anyone moving to Italy with additional visual examples. See the Expat 101 page.


 3. E Dreams Blog: I recently discovered them (err, yesterday). My favorite part is their post on Easy-Jet luggage details and the infographics information. They also have a ton of other articles specific to travel that are very useful.


 4. Wanderplex has interesting bits + gear guides + beating a jet-lag + and much more….


 5. The Overseas Escape has a refreshing take on posting interesting travel topics.

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