My L.A. Apartment in a Nutshell

There are a few memories I will always hold on to about L.A. and my home is one of them. I adore my,

  1. Bedroom – It was my sanctuary. I had a perfect table with a view, a comfy bed, a walk-in closet and decors that I thought reflected my personality very well.
  2. Location – It is everything in L.A. because we have to drive everywhere. Access to the freeways and grocery stores is important. Luckily, across the street from me was a supermarket center with the 10E fwy next to it. It was relatively easy getting to work for me. In addition, a few blocks down east is a park. From my apartment to the park is a good 30 minute run. Basically, I had no reason not to work out.
  3. A laundry facility within the building – Ultra helpful. This helped me at times when my pile of dirty clothes were accumulating. They weren’t going to clean themselves so, having the laundry room downstairs was very convenient.
  4. Parking garage – Having one is a luxury in L.A. for the rent my roommates and I pay. We all have our own rooms and our own parking space. It was truly a bargain deal.
  5. My neighborhood is one of the best and safest – They film a lot in this area (i.e. Bones show) so, you will always see a security guard patrolling in the neighborhood. Some of them already know me since, they see me out running or jogging. It definitely made me feel safe when they were around.

living roomLiving Room

Bedroom 10ft 129″ W x 12 ft T

Things I will not miss are the,

  1. Thin walls – Everyday, I can hear our neighbors slam their doors below us. There’s a constant banging happening from one end to the other. I’m not so sure what happens there at night but, I hope they’re ok. Then, there’s a rare occasion where, I can hear arguments happening next door. I never understand them because they speak another language but, I hope they’re ok too. Lastly, the fabulous ambulance noise that is no where near pleasant music to my ears (I live across a senior living home). Sadly, they come pretty often every week. I really hope they’re ok too.
  2. Shared parking – I can’t escape this one. A few times, we’ve had to play musical in moving our cars because one of us had to get out of our tandem parking space. It was the least bit my favorite thing about this apartment.
  3. Repairs – Bathroom sink, toilet or the tub get’s clogged at least 5-8 times in a year.
  4. Shared bills – Dealing with the shared bills. That’s all I’m going to say.
  5. Cleaning – Some people are very good and others do not care at all. That’s all I’m going to say.

As the saying goes, all good things must come to end. Arrivederci to my L.A. Apartment.

It’s been real!


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