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Student Visa 101: Understanding the Requirements and Process of Obtaining a Student Visa for Studying Abroad

This is for those of you applying for your student visa to Italy from U.S.A

Two options:

I. Gather Your Information (for both mailing in & going in to a branch):

  1. You’ll need a visa if you’re staying over 90+ days : read
  2. Make 3 copies of everything. They state 2 but, you really need 3.

3. Letter of recommendation & a motivation letter: Do not include this unless it is requested but, they did eventually asked me for it. Every school I’ve applied to elsewhere did request this as part of their admission policy but, the school I applied to in Italy didn’t. Make sure to have it just in case. Why it wasn’t listed under their visa requirements is beyond me.

II. Going in to a branch – L.A. location

III. Appointment Day: 

1. Organize your documents –

Double check everything! I think it’s better to have more information that they’re requesting than not having enough. Make sure you have all of your documents that they’re asking for and organized in each section. I used paper clips to section each request like this The clips don’t need to be this large but, it’s a representative of how each documents are organized. Basically, make it easy for them to spot the important information they want and/or need.

2. Day of the appointment.
Read the reviews on yelp. It helped me prepare for what to expect

3. Interview.

When you arrive (there are 2 doors) you’re greeted by someone who will guide you. Keep in mind that they don’t have lockers so, plan to bring in only the necessary documents. I was debating about bringing my cell phone with me or not but, I decided to do so since, I needed it in finding my way to the building from the mall. It helped. You will be able to put your keys, documents and cell on a small table before you walk through a body scanner.

After you go through the body scanner, you wait. Everyone who comes in needs to have an appointment so, everyone will be checked in and seen base off of your time slot. If you have all of your documents you should be able to finish within 15-20 minutes.

The actual interview process was quick. I was asked about my document copies, whether I had my own set of copies and how long my school will last for. That was it.

IV. Helpful links:

Now sit tight and approx. wait for a week. Read my lovely posts 😉

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