France Selfie

Counting Down

As I watch pieces of my personal items being sold and disappear, I realized that my time in L.A. is coming to an end much quicker than I imagined. My mind is on a total freak out mode. Two more weeks and I’m finally done with my current job forever. Then, in a month and a half I officially move abroad. Thinking about it is crazy (in a good way)! I’ve moved many times in the past but, this move abroad is nothing I’ve ever done in my life. Yikes! I don’t want to think too much about it because it can be overwhelming & scary. Although, I am excited for what life will be like abroad.

In the last few months, I’d say I’m very happy of my accomplishments. In a span of 3 months, I went from being laid off right before my birthday to confirming in going through with studying abroad. Everything started moving forward right after that. I received my visa, I got extended to work longer with my current job, sold and negotiated my items, overcame roommate issues, overcame being thrown under the bus at work and lastly, I stayed healthy. Life has been a roller-coaster but, I’m standing strong (insert muscle arm emoji here).

I would like to take this time and shake off all of the negative energy. I see it, I understand where it’s coming from and it’s no longer part of my life. I think the biggest lesson for me was to learn how to take a stand for myself. I really should speak up more often but, it is really tough when everything around you is a mess in itself. It’s hard to find your footing and balance. Although, in reality some things just can’t be fixed and the only control you have is yourself. You choose to either succumb to the negativity or focus on something more pleasant. For me, I’m ready for positive vibes.

My mind has come to terms with everything and I’m ready to move on with my life.

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