5 Reasons Why Milan is the Perfect Place to Live and Study

Milan is often overlooked as a destination for study abroad or long-term living, but it’s actually a hidden gem that has so much to offer. Here are ten reasons why Milan is the perfect place to live and study:

  1. Culture: Milan is a city with a rich history and culture, with tons of museums, art galleries, and historic landmarks to explore. It’s also a fashion and design hub, so there are always exciting events and exhibitions happening around the city.
  2. Food: Milan is known for its delicious cuisine, including dishes like risotto alla Milanese and ossobuco. I can’t wait to have aperitivo on Navigli.

  3. Location: Milan is conveniently located in the heart of Italy, making it easy to explore other parts of the country on weekends or holidays. It’s also close to other major European cities like Paris and Munich, making it a great base for exploring the rest of the continent.
  4. Education: Milan is home to some of the top universities in Italy, including Università degli Studi di Milano and Politecnico di Milano. It’s also a great place to learn Italian, as the local dialect is considered to be the most “pure” form of the language.
  5. Quality of life: Overall, I thought Milan has a good standard of living with vibrant arts and culture scene, and a strong economy. All of these factors contribute to a high quality of life for those who choose to live and study in Milan.

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