Monday Blues

I really meant it when I mentioned about finding an accommodation abroad was frustrating. Here’s what happened a month ago.

Over the last month, I’ve been dealing with setting up a place abroad. It’s simply frustrating week after week having to wake up at 6am (about 3pm in Milan), checking emails, responding and calling in hopes of securing a place.

Last week, I thought I managed to confirm in booking a place and I was so close until I woke up this morning. I find an email from the agency I’ve been working with stating that I need to find another accommodation. F! Talking about a bad case of Monday morning.

I could feel my fist clenching and my nerves sky-rocket through the roof. How is this possible? Summer in Europe is coming very close to time and the entire nation will start their summer vacation. Am I gonna be able to apply for my visa and get it on time? Am I gonna make it to Europe at all? I respond to the email and they explained that there was a complication between the landlord and the agencies. The landlord apparently decided to pull out of their listing. Oh geez! The agency was nice enough to ask whether I want to get my money back or keep looking for a place. I opted for continuing in looking for a place.

Sometime later in the afternoon, I keep eyeing my email messages like a hawk and still, no responses of any new accommodation possibilities. Another full business day gone. Sigh! Situations like this makes me question if, I will actually enjoy my new life abroad or will it be a tribulation. At some point, I ended up backing out of the first agency I was working with and found a new one and yes, I eventually found a new home.

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